Finally your special day rolls around. That one you’ve been planning all year. With all the effort you’ve gone to, all the thought and detail, it’s finally here!

You wake up in the morning and realise you forgot to wash your hair the day before so you jump in the shower and give it a quick shampoo before you go to your hair appointment.

Because of this, you arrive at the salon 20 minutes late for your appointment with your hair still sopping wet.

You haven’t been to this salon before and you neglected to have a trial, so your stylist needs to have a complete consultation about what you would like first.  Then she will need to blow-dry that sopping wet hair before she can even start the style.

Your hair is naturally dead straight and the style you want has the ends turned under in a bun, your stylist needs to set your hair in rollers before she can begin put it up.

Time is getting away, its getting close to your make up time at another salon which is 20 minutes drive from where you are.

Your stylist is putting your hair up but now you’ve missed your make up appointment and that special day you’ve been planning for ages is slowly getting more and more stressful…

You may think all these little things don’t matter, but they add up to one big problem at the end.

Here are a few must do’s to help you avoid stress and confusion like this on your special day.


TIP 1: Always Have a Trial

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, formal, or even a year 10 dance, if the day is important to you and you are on a time schedule, a hair and make up trial is essential.

Having a trial allows your hair stylist and make up artist to know what you like, what type of hair you have and exactly what needs to be done to achieve your desired result.

You will know exactly how long you will need for each appointment making it easier to organise everything else you need to do that day.

Having a trial will insure your hair and make up appointment goes as smoothly as possible on your important day so you can enjoy the day stress free.

If a trial is impossible to do, make sure you communicate well with your hair and make up stylist before the day, email photos of what you are having done, let them know what your hair is like and also the time line you are working off for the day.


TIP 2: Always Wash Your Hair the Day Before Your Appointment.

Set a reminder in your phone, put post it notes everywhere, ask your bridesmaids to remind you, anything you need to do to insure you remember.

Failing to do this, will force your stylist to need to blow-dry your hair first, putting your time back, the stylist time back and then in turn make you and the stylist late for any other appointments you both may have that day.

Depending on the salon this will probably end up costing you more than just time.

If it’s not at all possible to wash your hair the day before and you do wash the morning of, make sure you give your hair a dry at home so you are turning up to the salon with clean, dry hair.


TIP 3: Hair and Makeup at Same Location

Try and find a salon that offers hair and make up at the same place. This is great if you have a large bridal party. Often hair can be setting in rollers while make up gets started and everyone is being looked after at once.


TIP 4: Keep It Real

Keep you expectations realistic. If you have fine, limp hair that has never held any curl or body for you before, then choosing a curly hairstyle is asking for trouble.

The same goes if you have short hair and all the styles you are looking at require medium or long hair to look that way.

By working with the hair you have and choosing a style based on that will mean you are more likely to achieve a beautiful hair style that will look good and last all day and night.


TIP 5: Prepare for After Salon / Pre-Event

No matter how well your make up is done at the salon, it will start to wear off throughout the day especially in summer when its hot.

It’s a good idea to pack a powder or foundation so you can touch up anytime you feel like you need to.

And don’t forget your lippy!


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