Has the effects of winter left your hair feeling a little unmanageable?

While the dry air in winter is undoubtedly not great for your hair, fear not, those locks are repairable with these 3 salon secrets!

1. Invest in a good conditioning treatment.

Either at the salon or do them yourself at home. The difference between the two?

Salon treatments are stronger and penetrate deeper into the hair cuticle. You will feel the effects on your hair instantly and last approximately 4 weeks depending on how often you shampoo your hair.

Treatments you do at home are a thick cream consistency, but stronger than a normal conditioner. These treatments need to be used about once a week. They will take a couple of uses to feel the effects on your hair.

TASHI TIP: Always have a salon treatment while you are in the salon. Ask your stylist to recommend a treatment to take home as well. This is a great way to keep nourishing those locks in between visits. This will keep the effects of the salon treatment lasting longer.

A salon treatment is only $10-25 and a take home treatment is usually around $40 depending on the brand.


2. If at all possible, try and go that extra day before you shampoo your hair.

Not because the shampoo products are drying like you might think. In fact if you are using a salon recommended shampoo and conditioner, you could shampoo your hair twice a day without drying it out.
It is what we do after we have washed our hair that drys it out!
Blow-drying, hot ironing, curling, anything that is adding heat to the hair is drying and damaging.

TASHI TIP: Ask your stylist to recommend a heat protectant product. Apply this to your hair before you do any heat styling. This will help protect your hair, add moisture and make your hair style last longer. There is heat protectant products available for all hair types so you will be sure to find one that works for you.


3. Book yourself into Tashi for a haircut

Even if you are growing your hair, a little trim on the ends will make your hair look and feel amazing. You wont even notice any length missing.

TASHI TIP: While you are in the salon, ask your stylist to recommend a salon Shampoo and Conditioner or Treatment for your hair type.

Using products that are suited for your hair type and needs will dramatically change the health of your hair.


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