What is Balayage?

There is no doubt that Balayage was a massive trend for hair in spring/summer 2012/13.

For those of you who don’t know what Balayage is, here is a little history for you….

Balayage is a free hand coloring technique developed in Paris in the 1970’s. It is more of a free hand highlighting technique rather than the traditional highlighting technique using foil or a cap. This look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like depending on your style although it does look better in hair that is medium to long in length and free flowing.

Thinking of Balayage?

With winter approaching it seems this trend is not going anywhere. Autumn/winter 2013 see’s us still loving this natural highlighted look but with a twist. Rather than the harsh icy ash blonde and brown of summer, this season we will be seeing much more softer delicate hues such as Frosted Honey, Golden Copper and Cinnamon.

Granted balayage is not for everyone nor should it be. Fashion is all about your individuality and what you feel comfortable with. There is nothing more stylish than a woman who is confident in her own skin.

At Tashi we like to design our clients hair color around them, their lifestyle, skin tone and personality while still keeping in mind the color trends of the season.

As the season changes so does our skin tone and choice in clothes. In saying that it makes sense that our hair color should also change, slightly or a lot, depending on the person. With all the beautiful options available to you, why stick to the same color season to season?

I challenge you to a change. Why not add a few ‘Frosted Caramel’ reflects to your brown, or some ‘Honey’ to your blonde. Hey if your really game, why not go for a total change….

You know what they say. A change is as good as a holiday…..

Wishing you ‘good luck and prosperity’

Mel and the girls at Tashi


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