Having curly hair can be tough! I know because I have it.

If it’s humid, your hair is frizzy. If it’s raining, your hair is frizzy. If you don’t have the right product, yep, you get the point…..

According to a Pantene study conducted in 2010, *a nearly unanimous 94% of curly-haired ladies name frizz as their number one issue, with 32% of all women with curly hair having refused to go outside at some point in their lives for fear of the weather causing a insta-pouf moment.

(Maybe it’s because they were using Pantene!)

Top 3 Ways to Style Curly Hair

First off, I want you to celebrate your curls. Because looked after properly, they are beautiful.

There are a few really simple things you can do that will make a massive difference in how your curly locks look.

1. Curly hair is naturally dry so it’s really important to use a moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. At Tashi we recommend L’Oreal Professional Products, so depending on the thickness and condition of your hair will depend on which specific product you use. Putting moisture in your hair will keep your curls in good condition so they look healthy, soft and bouncy.

2. If you own a brush, the only thing you should do with it, is put it in the bin. Never….I repeat…NEVER brush curly hair. While we are at it, the only time you should comb your hair is when you are in the shower, with conditioner in it.

Brushing or combing your hair, separates the curls and makes them look……frizzy.

3. No ones curly hair will ever look good without at least one styling product. I use three different styling products in my curly hair.

First – I use a leave in moisturiser to hydrate my curls.

Second– I use a styling product to form my curls and to create hold. I hate when my hair feels ‘crunchy’ so I use a L’Oreal tec ni art product called ‘Spiral Splendour‘. It’s a soft cream texture but if you like more hold, a mousse or gel, will also do the trick.

hair diffuser-tashisalonI dry my hair with a diffuser (the big round thing that goes on the end of your hair dryer) because I like the volume it gives my fine hair, but lots of curly hair works better if you leave it to dry naturally. If this is you, the key is not to play with your hair too much while it’s drying.

Lastly I finish with a few drops of  L’Oreal Mythic Oil. This is a moisture based oil that nourishes curly hair and also adds beautiful shine, which curly hair naturally lacks.

With these few simple tricks, you’ll fall in love with your curls that make you different to everyone else.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness and Style Your Curly Hair to Stand Out



*Source of Study: Survey Reveals Stats on Womens Hair


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