You have just walked out of the salon and you feel amazing. Your hair colour is shiny, soft and full of life.

What can you do to keep your hair colour looking and feeling great between salon visits?

A few simple things can make a big difference…..

1. First things first. Your hair will love you if you use a Professional Shampoo and Conditioner. They use more concentrated ingredients specifically designed to extend your colour wear. Ask your hairdresser to recommend one for your hair type.

2. Try not to shampoo your hair everyday. If you don’t have a oily hair type, try and give your hair a break and shampoo and condition every second or third day.

3. Always rinse your hair after swimming at the beach or chlorinated pool. Chlorine is the worst thing for hair colour as it acts like a bleach. Rinse as soon as you get out of the pool and cleanse as soon as you can.

Lastly, as our summer is getting hotter and the sun is getting stronger, it’s a good idea to wear a hat while out walking or spending time in the sun. Just as the sun fades your clothes on the line, it fades the colour in your hair.

It is hard in summer to avoid the beach, pool and sun, so to keep you hair colour looking fresh, you may like to bring your hair appointments forward a week or two. For example if you usually have your hair coloured every 6 weeks, try colouring every 5 weeks in the summer time.


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