Do you sometimes wonder if you are losing your hair?

Do you have hair coming out in your hands when you shampoo? Do you find hair on your bathroom floor? Is it clogging up the vacuum?

Well, the good news is, this is very normal. And no, you are probably not losing all your hair.

There are 3 different growth stages your hair goes through at any one time and each little hair on your head is going through those stages at different times to the others.

The First stage is the Growth stage. About 85% of your hair is in this stage at any one time, this can last anywhere between 2-6 years. This is the stage where you get most of your length in. The hair grows approximately 10cm per year, but everyone is different.

The Second stage is a Resting stage, this is where your hair will stop growing and remain attached to the hair follicle. This stage usually lasts 3 months.

The Third stage is where the hair comes away from the follicle and new hairs start to grow through.
Approximately 80-100 of your hairs on your head are on this 3rd stage everyday.

These are the hairs you see falling out each day that you notice in the shower, in your brush and on your clothes. And it’s very normal!

Out of the ordinary things like stress, sickness, hormone changes and even major surgery can cause your hair to shed faster than normal. Usually as time goes on and your mind and your body regains health, so too will your hair.

Another reason to make time for yourself, to stay relaxed, and to enjoy having your hair done in a salon environment where you feel comfortable, at ease and chilled out.

If you have any questions about hair growth or things you can do to keep your hair healthy – feel free to post a question on our blog or via social media. Have a great ‘hair’ day!

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